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Collaboration Detailed Navigation not available in Ajax frame workpage

The design for the collaboration part in the DTN was completely changed in Ajax Framework Page.In Classic Framework Page inside Desktop Innerpage you have separate iview named Collaboration Detailed navigation,which enables the integration of rooms in the portal.

The Classic Framework Page contains the following iViews and pages:

Page: Classic Framework Page

  • iView: Masthead iView
  • iView: Tool Area
  • iView: Top-Level Navigation
  • iView: Page Title Bar
  • Page: Desktop Innerpage
      •   iView: Detailed Navigation
      •   iView: Dynamic Navigation
      •   iView: Related Links
      •   iView: Browser Document Mode
      •   iView: Portal Favorites
      •   iView: Content Area
      •   iView: Collaboration Detailed Navigation

In Ajax Framework Page there is no dedicated iView in the DTN for collaboration.The collaboration entries should appear as part of the standard DTN.

you will see an entry for the collaboration in the DTN when you’ll navigate to the collaboration entries.

The Ajax Framework Page contains the following iViews and pages:

Page: Ajax Framework Page

  • Page: Ajax Headerless Framework Page
  • iView: AFP Masthead
  • iView: AFP Widgets
  • iView: Ajax Top-Level Navigation
  • iView: Ajax Detailed Navigation
  • iView: Dynamic iViews
  • iView: Ajax Page Toolbar
  • iView: Browser Document Mode

The Ajax Detailed Navigation iview take the role of Collaboration Detailed navigation iview also in the Ajax Framework Page.

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