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DataGeek University


Techniversity Challenge 2014!

Data Geek III - Thrones of Data is calling all SAP Techniversity participants. We want you to discover insights with your own data! Download SAP Lumira and start analyzing and visualizing data on your own.

Once you submit your DataViz story, you'll receive a limited edition DataGeek III T-shirt PLUS a chance to win 1 of 5 Fitbits!

Bookmark the How to Join Page on the SCN to receive the Data Geek III Accept Challenge Badge immediately:

Download SAP Lumira Desktop or use SAP Lumira Cloud for free

Which house/category will you choose? Declare your allegiance by picking the category that you want to analyze. You can then use your own data-set or a sample data set to create your story.

After you've finished your DataViz, share your story through a SCN blog post and on SAP Lumira Cloud.

- Not sure what to create? Check out other examples here

- If you have questions about how to create an SCN blog post, click here. Please post your analysis on the SCN Lumira Space

- Or, choose to use any medium to present your analysis. Just be sure to provide us with a URL to your work.

SUBMIT your data story here.

Make sure you also answer the Address field in the form to receive your limited edition DataGeek III T-Shirt (while supplies last)!

Receive the DataGeek III Enter Challenge Badge:

This badge will be manually added to your SCN profile every Monday afternoon PST

Once we receive your entry, we will mail you your limited edition DataGeek III T-shirt (while supplies last).

While you are welcome to enter more than once, T-shirts are limited to one per person.

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