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Rex: Troubleshooting iPad Device Calendar Sync with REX Calendar

To display Rex events in the device calendar, specific settings must be maintained in both iPad device and the Retail Execution app.  The option for 'REX Events Calendar' listed in the dialog screen (when you click on the ‘Calendars’ option) is also available only if the following settings are maintained.


To sync your Retail Execution calendar events to the native iPad device calendar, you need to maintain the relevant settings in both iPad Settings as well as in the device Preferences in SAP Retail Execution. Before you start, turn off the Visits on device calendar option in the device preferences for Retail Execution (as shown in the following image).

Settings in iPad In the iPad, go to Settings ® Mail, Contacts, Calendars

In the Accounts section, select the account that you are currently using. You are navigated to a page where you can turn on or off, the Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Notes. In this page, the Calendars will be set to On.  Turn off this option for Calendars.  An alert is displayed asking the user to confirm if the calendars should be deleted (as shown in the following image)

Select Delete. Your native device calendar is now deleted. Now in the same location (Settings ® Mail, Contacts, Calendars), turn the Calendars to (as shown in the following image)

An alert dialog box for Existing Local Calendars appears asking for confirmation to delete the existing local calendars on the native iPad device.

Select Keep on My iPad option. Again select Keep in the following alert too.  Now, open your native device calendar again and tap on Calendars (as shown in the following image).

Note:  If you have already synced Retail Execution calendars earlier, you will see duplicate Retail Execution events on your device calendar.  You will therefore need to delete all these duplicate Retail Execution event calendars.

To delete the duplicate events, tap on Edit in the Show Calendars dialog box. You will see Edit Calendar dialog box. Scroll down to the bottom of the dialog box and tap on the Delete Calendar option. You have now deleted all the Retail Execution event calendars.

Now, go to iPad Settings ® General ® Reset ® Reset Location & Privacy (as shown in the following image). You will be prompted to enter a passcode. Enter the device passcode here.

After resetting Location and Privacy, you can now close your native device calendar.

Settings in Retail Execution

You have defined the required settings in the native iPad device. You now need to login to the Retail Execution app and make the following settings:

  • Open Retail Execution app and navigate to device preferences.
  • Set Visits on Device Calendar to On.


          You are required to set the Visits on device calendar to Off before defining these settings.


In the native device calendar, you can now see the Retail Execution events and also receive alerts.

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