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How to do authorization check when executing query in RSRT


You execute a query in RSRT and it fails with authorization error. You want to know what all authorization are defined and where the assigned authorization are failing.


After executing a query in RSRT you see that either the query fails with authorization error or you get the data which the user is not authorized for.

Steps to follow to check the authorization assigned to the user for running the query:

  • Goto transaction code RSECADMIN (please follow screenshots for steps)
  • Goto tab 'Analysis'
  • Click 'Execute as other user'

  • Enter Userid (tick box 'With Log')
  • Enable radio button 'RSRT'
  • Click on 'Start Transaction'.

  • You will be directed to RSRT transaction
  • Execute the query.

  • After you executed and reproduced the issue.
  • Press the 'Back' button until you come back to RSECADMIN screen (as shown in screenshot)

  • Click on "Display Log" button

In "Display Log" will find all the authorization assigned to the user which will help you to identify the authorizations which you will need to correct to get your issue solved..

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