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Web Intelligence UI Extension Points, version 4.1


As you should already know, Extensions Points for Web Intelligence interfaces are back in the BI platform since version 4.1 SP2. Starting with this version, you can add extensions to the Left-side pane of Web Intelligence. Since 4.1 SP4, you can also contribute to the Status bar.

On the SCN you will find interesting resources to get started with extension points:

     This document mainly provides how-to's with nice screenshots to help you build your development environment and create your own extension bundle.

All these resources are a good complement to the official documentation, still available on the help portal.

NEW IN 4.1 SP5!!!


  • An extension sample that demonstrates the use of JavaScript APIs is now provided with the BI platform servers.
  • An extension sample that demonstrates the creation of a free-hand SQL data provider is now available for download on the SCN. Click here.


NEW IN 4.1 SP6

A new function to export a report element of type chart as an image has been added. See the HTML reference for more information.

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