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Archiving & Check Payments


Firstly before archiving please review Wiki explaining archiving conditions

In addition the general ledger account from which your outgoing check will be issued must be set to open item managed. If the account is not open item managed then the payment documents may be archived even if the check has not been cashed.

Why is this?

Well the logic is as follows: while the check is not cashed the matching payment document item will NOT be cleared. The only transactions to clear the payment document item are the bank account statement (this will update once check is cashed ) or a reversal (if check is voided)

Also useful to know that in this situation you can work with the check (reprint/ cancel) even if the paid invoices are already archived

For all other clearings you would need to void the check

Transaction FCH8 will allow you to cancel the check and reverse the document ( valid if the document is is not archived)

Transaction FCH9 cancels the check only.  (valid if the document has been archived)

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