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Working Capital Analytics - Fiori Apps

Overview and Introduction

This presentation covers the following aspects for the analytical Fiori apps Working Capital Analytics - DSO Analysis  and Working Capital Analytics - DPO Analysis
  • information on the business background,
  • detailed material on KPI calculation methods.

Provides an UI Overview as well as how to create and work with Analysis Paths.

New! Demo

Try the DSO Demo app yourself! Discover the app on your own or take a guided tour clicking the Help icon.

Customer Stories

Hansfrieder Weber, Innovabee: SAP S/4HANA Finance in 6 Wochen migriert

How to Videos

Check out our videos and learn in a few minutes how to work with the analytical Fiori apps Working Capitial Analytics - DSO Analysis and  Working Capital Analytics - DPO Analysis


For detailed app descriptions as well as background information see

You can adapt and enhance the apps to your needs using the Analysis Path Framework. The Analysis Path Framework allows to apply changes to Working Capital Analytics apps by configuration.
To learn more, see

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