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Hybrid Integration Solution: SAP Process Integration Transfer into SAP Process Orchestration


Starting from SAP Process Orchestration, the new ONE Integration Solution came out. SAP Process Orchestration not only a composite system combine PI,BPM and BRM together, but also makes system technical integration transform into business integration from high level integration view.

1 .SAP Business Process Management (BPM) manages processes and process operations.

2 .SAP Process Integration (PI) is used for technical integration in order to manage the different technologies in the sub-systems and link them together.

3. SAP Business Rules Management (BRM) is a component which can model cross-system business logics centrally.

(Note: The usage of the sub-brand "SAP NetWeaver" has been reevaluated and the SAP NetWeaver prefix will be dropped from most of the components. This will be publicly announced at SAPPHIRE NOW in June 2014. New names will be SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Process Integration, SAP Business Process Management, and SAP Business Rules Management.)

Of course one business requirement can implement by Pure PI from technical point of view. However as Process Orchestration combine PI, BPM and BRM together as ONE integration solution, SAP PO just like a message broker to combine those 3 powerful SAP Products together and provide us multitudinous hybrid model.

Process Orchestration make integration task more possible paths, do not only limited in Process Integration. In the future, you can choose the best one solution which fit your integration landscape from develop task load, system performance load and operation load concerns etc.

In the following guides, one same business requirement scenario will be practice with detail procedures to let PI consultant adapt to PO consultant model and get the idea about how SAP PI integrate with SAP BPM and SAP BRM in SAP PO from technical view and Hybrid model.

DocumentSAP Process Orchestration Makes System Technical Integration Transform into Business Integration

Guide ONE:

How PI integrate with BPM in PO

Guide TWO:

How PI integrate with BRM in PO and Hybrid Model

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