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BW Business Explorer (SAP BEx)

How to fix URL Prefix error in supportdesk tool


To solve the RED signal in supportdesk tool regarding "URLs Prefixes Customized on Both J2EE and ABAP Side".


You run the supportdesk tool as per note 937697. You notice that there is a RED signal mentioning for example:

RED  The URL for ABAP customizing table RSPOR_T_PORTAL: is not compatible with the URL for which you call the WebAS Java (URL in browser):  http://xx:40000

Steps to replicate:

  • Run supportdesk tool as per note 937697.
  • You see above RED signal

Now to correct the RED signal you need to follow below steps:

Please check the field "Web AS Host Name" in your EP (http://server:port/irj/portal)

System Administration -> System Configuration -> System Landscape -> SAP_BW (open object) ->  Property Category: "Web Application Server (Web AS)".

Please maintain correct Web AS URL prefix.

URL should be

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