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How to suppress variable screen in templates


When executing the Web Template you do not want the variable screen to be displayed.


When you execute a Eeb Template you get the variable screen pop-up. You do not want variable screen and only want the result directly.

Steps to replicate the issue:

  • Execute Web Template in in web
  • Variable screen pop-up comes up.

Now inorder to suppress the variable screen pop in Web Template you need to follow below steps:

  • Open Web Application Designer
  • Open Web Template for which you want to suppress variable screen
  • Goto Web Template properties
  • Turn OFF "Display Variable (VARIABLE_SCREEN)
  • Save the Web Template.

This will suppress the variable screen when executing the Web Template in web.

Please note : Incase variable screen contains mandatory variable which are not prefilled with default values or with user exits.

                      In such case with mandatory variable being empty variable screen cannot be suppressed.

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