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How to maintain variable display settings


When executing the reports in Java web, it is required to change variable display from 'Key' to 'Text' or from 'Key' to 'Key and Text' or from 'Text' to 'Key'.


You execute a report and in variable screen you see that display is 'Key' and you want the display as 'Key and Text' or only 'Text' or 'Text and Key' or even no display.

Steps to Replicate:

  • Execute query or web-template in Java web.
  • Variable screen comes up.
  • Display setting is not as required for Key, Text display.

Now you need to follow below steps to get the correct display in variable screen.

  • Goto transaction code RSD1.
  • Enter the Info-object (characteristic) for which you want the display as per your requirement
  • Goto tab "Business Explorer" and change the Display settings as per requirement as show in below screen.

This will change the variable display as required.

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