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PLM Quality Management (QM)

Inspection after Goods Receipt for Production Order


This functionality is used when you need to do a quality inspection in a product after production process. It is an integration between PP (Production Planning) and QM (Quality Management).

For this procedure you will have to follow six steps:

  1. Active Inspection Type 04 in the material master
  2. Create a Master Inspection Characteristic (or use an existing one)
  3. Create a Sampling Procedure (or use an existing one)
  4. Create a Inspection Plan (or use an existing one)
  5. Release a Production Order
  6. GR for the Production Order

1. Active Inspection Type 04 in the material master

The inspection type must be assigned in the inspection setup from the material master.

- Go to transaction MM01

- Click on Insp. Setup

- Assign Inspection Type 04 - Final Inspection at GR from Production

Flag 'Post to insp. stock' has to be set because you want that the material does to quality stock after GR.


2. Create a Master Inspection Characteristic

In this step, you can use a MIC* that has been already created.

But, in order to show the whole process, I will explain how to create a MIC.

* Inspection characteristic that can be used in several inspection plans and can be evaluated independently of an inspection plan. Master inspection characteristics facilitate and standardize inspection planning (SAPterm).

- Go to transaction QS21

- Choose quantitative characteristic (in this example)

- Set status to Released

- Complete 'Short text' and 'Search field'

- Set up Control Indicators (very important!)

- Click on Quant. Data to define Decimal places and Lower and Upper specif. limit.

In the Control Indicators you can define following data:

  • Lower and Upper specif. limit;
  • Sampling Procedure;
  • If the characteristic is Required or not;
  • If the record is summarized or single value;
  • If the scope is fixed (if it is Fixed, you can not change it while recording the results).

- Click OK

- Click OK

3. Create a Sampling Procedure

In this step, you can also use a sampling procedure that has been already created.

In the Sampling procedure you can decide how to calculate the sample.

- Go to transaction QDV1

- Create the sample

- Determine the sample size

Click Sample on the top, in the left to decide the sample size.

4. Create an Inspection Plan

The inspection plan contains which material to inspect, in which plant, during which process, with what kind of operation.

- Go to transaction QP01

- Create New Entries

- Assign an Operation

- Assign an Inspection Characteristic

5. Release a Production Order

A production order defines which material is to be processed, at which location, at what time and how much work is required. It also defines which resources are to be used and how the order costs are to be settled. (SAP Help)

- Go to transaction CO01

- Release the Production Order in the green flag

6. GR for Production Order

- Go to MB31

- Use movement type 101

- Select the quantity

- Fill the field "Order" with the production order number

- Enter

Now check MMBE to check the stock:

There is quantity 10 in Quality Inspection.

Now check QA32 to check the inspection lot created:

And now you can record results and do an usage decision.