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logging of Web Client UI

UI Logging Log Analyzer - Graphic



In normal case, the amount of log could be very huge, and it grows very fast. Thus, it's hard for user to analyze, or get visible and useful information. To solve this problem, Log Analyzer is enhanced with new feature - Graphic. Like the graphic in standard ALV, it allows user switch the output within different chart format, and change dimensions for different purposes.

How to Use

1. Execute Log Analyzer, make selection criteria, and run.

2. Highlight the last column 'Count', and click button 'Total'.

Incase you could not find the column 'Count', click 'Choose Layout...' button, and add the column 'Count'.

3. Select the column which you would like to use it as dimension, and click 'Subtotals' button.

4. Click 'Display Graphic' button.

If you want to switch the format, right-click the chart, click 'Chart Type...', and choose the type which you want to display.

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