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Formatted Text modules in Business Documents

It is not possible to format long texts. Plain texts can be added as long texts(notes) in SRM documents.


This feature enables the user to format the texts entered in long text boxes. With text formatting options users can emphasize key points and hence improves the readability of the entered text by providing multiple formatting options such as bold, italics, bullets etc.

This feature is available in Rfx, Rfx Response, Purchase Order, Central Contract and Shopping Cart Business Object.


To use the feature, you have to first activate the Business Function SRM_CONT_IMPR_1 and then activate the Customizing switch Text format for long text boxes (SRM_701_TEXT_FORMAT) under SRM Server-> Cross Application Basic Setting->  Activate/Deactivate Text Format for Long Text Boxes.


2045021: Interface Change: Preparation Changes for Text Formatting

2038548: Interface Change: Text Formatting

2039409: Implementation Note for Text Formatting

Link to the video:

For complete details about SAP SRM 7.03 refer: SAP SRM 7.03

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