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Preparing Your SAP Environment for Daylight Savings Time


*** Updates for 2016 Included ***

Greetings All,

Like an old friend, Daylight Savings Time affects us in most parts of the world at least twice per year.   Depending on your hemisphere, you may be springing forward or falling back, but either way you need to ensure your awareness and any proactive follow up in your SAP environment.

- Is your SAP environment prepared for Daylight Savings Time and any potential effects?

This document will help you begin to answer that question and point you to the relevant SCN Posts / SAP Notes / SAP KBA's and documentation for potentially affected components to fuel your quest for minimal problem or disruption due to Daylight Savings Time.  This posting will evolve over time and is one we will add to every year as new information on this topic comes to the forefront.   This document will not replace the incident solving process if you have specific questions on a particular component area.  Feel free to raise some general Q&A on the topic within SAP Community Network but if your request requires a more specific feedback to address we request you open an incident to the appropriate SAP component so we can action.

SAP Product Areas Spotlight



     A history of issues that primarily affect scheduling and run times in the XI3.1 and BI4 / 4.1 Products.  The most impactful issues were addressed as of XI3.1 Service Pack 4 in the rear view but still potential for scheduling issues.  We have a historical SCN Blog that we keep track of and will add any new findings to the comments on this Blog ( see below ).


     Daylight Savings Time in BI Platform 2016 Update

     Preparing Your SAP Business Objects Environment for Daylight Savings




     Potential conversion and synchronization issues in the core NW stack due to Daylight Savings.  Relevant content to review is below to ensure preparation.


US/Canada Specific notes

444277 When does Daylight Savings Time Start / End for US?

1564765 - Time settings on SAP system for US and Canada

919538 - Daylight saving time start/end in USA and Canada as of 2007

1603349 - Downtime during DST time change

Whitepaper - Daylight Savings Time Options For SAP System

     7417 Conversion Between Standard Time & Daylight Savings Time``

     102088 Reducing Downtime When Converting from Summer to Winter Time

     950114 Profile Parameter zdate/DSTswitch_contloctime

     2046718 Time Synchronization on Windows

     1913285 Termination ZDate_Large_Time_Diff & Server Shutdown

     447839 ZDate_Illegal_Loctime

     2072 Incorrect Time in Syslog and Other Timestamps

     101726 Incorrect Times and Time Zone Setting

     1577158 RSWUWFML2: Sent Notifications Again




     The SAP JVM contains descriptions of Global Timezones which is not automatically updated via the TZUpdater tool provided by Oracle.  As a result this needs to be monitored and addressed manually if needed.


     1367871 Timezone Updates For SAP JVM




The following notes address forecast value and consumption issues as a result of Daylight Savings Time


     1997509         Daylight Saving Time (DST) change makes wrong forecast consumption

     1782022        MC90: incorrect forecast values (daylight saving time)

     2039068        Forecast consumption not correct in Overview sub-tab (3)

     2029263         /SAPPAO/RRP3 mismatch in product view, forecast overview and detail view

     1000420           Different consumption balance due to Daylight Saving Time




     The following SAP Notes and approach to validate your SAP HANA environment should be done in preparation for any Daylight Savings time switch to      double check for any potential Daylight Savings time impacts.


New for 2016:


     2183760 Incorrect validation of User validity specification in HANA Web Based Workbench 

     2084840 initTimezone.cpp errors Zonerule "VERM02" in unexpected format

     2285225 How do I insert correct Timestamp values into SAP HANA using JDBC PreparedStatement if Timestamp Value is within DST Clock Shift Hour

     2175754 SAP HANA SPS10 Database Revision 100 Fixed issue with updating the TIMEZONE_NAME in M_HOST_Information on Daylight Savings Time Switch


     2136490 Timezone ART presenting 1 Hour Ahead in SAP HANA

     2137138 Timezone name incorrect after DST Switch    

     2080216 Check HANA Database for Daylight Savings Time Switch   

     2080156  Incorrect Timezone Handling for AUSVIC Timezone on HANA

     1932132 SAP HANA: Large Time Difference between Application Server & HANA Database

     198411 Current Data & Information About Timezones

     1791342 Time Zone Support in HANA

     2067895 Russia: End of Permanent Daylight Savings Time & Start of Permanent Standard Time in 2014

     1914560 HANA: Time Difference between user <sid> adm & root

     2086147 Wrong Time Returned By HANA for Mexico CST Timezone


SAP Workforce Management / iTimeClock


Some historical issues found in 2013/14 that have been addressed and all known items are addressed in current Support Pack 16 Patch 7 releases.  Please review specific notes below.


     1992295 Calculation of Punches Incorrect After DST

     2027481 View Punches Not Showing Punches At Beginning of Week

     1993451 Punches On The Last Day of the Work Week Before DST Change Are Replicating On The First Week After The Change


We will be posting additional content as we collect it for your benefit but share away and good luck with DST!

Thank You