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Building Hybrid 'Kapsel' Apps with SAP Mobile Platform - Enablement Resources

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Overview - Developing Mobile Apps with Kapsel

Hybrid apps are web style apps that run in a native container. They combine advantages of web apps and native apps: write once, run on many devices, access device functionality. Hybrid apps are also referred to as Cross Platform apps.

With SMP 3.0, we introduced 'Kapsel' (German for capsule): a set of plugins for Apache Cordova containers.

Kapsel has replaced the proprietary technologyof previous versions of SMP and SUP.

Since it's initial release earlier this year, a number of new features and plugins have been introduced.

What's new with SMP Server SP4 and SMP SDK SP5

Our Kapsel story has been a great success, and we see great adoption among the developer community. The concept of making enterprise critical functionality available through the plugin model provides a lot of value to developers.

In the latest support package, we have added new features to SAP Mobile Platform; the specific enhancements on the Kapsel side are the following - read this blog for more detail:

  • Kapsel support for OData Offline
  • Enhancements to Logger Plugin
  • End to End trace
  • Windows support

Developing Hybrid Apps with the Web IDE and its Hybrid App Toolkit Add-on

SAP Web IDE is a browser based IDE for developing SAPUI5 based applications. It lets you design, build and deploy Fiori like apps based on SAPUI5.

With the release of the Web IDE Hybrid App Toolkit Add-on, Web IDE can now be integrated with a local Cordova development environment, and thus supports development of hybrid applications based on Cordova framework!

Read more about it: 

Got a question on SMP 3.0 and Kapsel?

Kapsel Plugins

The Kapsel plugins for Apache Cordova provide capabilities like application life cycle management, implementation of a common logon manager and single sign-on (SSO), integration with SAP Mobile Platform Server-based push notifications and so on.

With the release of SMP Server SP4 and SMP SDK SP5, you have now access to all of following Kapsel plugins:

App Preferences

App UpdateAttachment Viewer (SP05PL03)AuthProxy
Barcode ScannerCache ManagerCalender (SP06)Encrypted Storage
End-2-End Tracing (SP5)LoggerLogonOffline OData (SP5)
Online ApplicationPrinter (SP06)Push         SAP Fiori Client
SettingsToolbar              Voice Recording (SP08)

How to Develop with Kapsel

We have published plenty of resources that will support you learning about Kapsel and that will get you running quickly. Best guide for Getting Started with Kapsel - Part 1 by @Daniel Van Leeuwen

Kapsel related blogs by John Wargo

Former Member is the product manager for the SMP Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) and the SAP Fiori Client. He is also the author of several books on mobile development with Apache Cordova/Adobe PhoneGap.

He writes great blogs, and I highly suggest following him on SCN and discuss through comments on his blogs.

Some of the most read and commented blogs include:

Ready for hands-on? Immerse yourself into the Kapsel Getting Started

@Daniel Van Leeuwen has published an excellent guide 'Getting Started with Kapsel', with many in-depth views on plug-ins, troubleshooting, security and more.

A must-read for anyone developing with Kapsel!


Webinar Recordings

Developing Mobile Apps with Kapsel (Jul '14)
Developing Offline Apps with Kapsel (Oct '14)

Watch this webinar recording by Former Member to learn about developing with Kapsel (pdf):

  • Introduction to Kapsel & Apache Cordova
  • SAP Kapsel SDK - Overview (6:50)
  • Kapsel Plugins (11:10)
  • Developer Experience & Resources (19:20)
  • Kapsel vs. Hybrid Web Container (24:30)
  • SAP Fiori & Fiori Client (30:00)
  • New with Kapsel SDK SP4 (31:30)
  • Live Demo (33:10)
  • Q&A (41:40)

@Jeff Gebo focuses on a key innovation that we introduced with SMP 3.0 Server SP4 and SMP 3.0 SDK SP5: Offline Apps using our Offline OData services (pdf).

  • Intro: Hybrid apps & Apache Cordova
  • Kapsel Plugins (8:30)
  • Offline OData Service (14:40)
  • Kapsel OData SDK (35:00)
  • Demo (41:10)
Building Custom Fiori Clients with SMP

Former Member continuous the Hybrid SDK series, and in this webinar presents and demos how you can build your custom Fiori App:

  • Introduction
  • SAP Fiori Client (2:10)
  • SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Fiori Client (7:50)
  • A Developer Demo (13:20)
  • SAP Fiori &  Mobile Qualities (30:00)
  • SAP Fiori Client Roadmap (32:00)
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