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SAP Extended Warehouse Management

SAP in Leaders Quadrant for Warehouse Management

SAP has a compelling platform
strategy for addressing SCE convergence” and has “noteworthy market momentum”

Sample strengths and quotes

  • SAP EWM was designed to provide functionality for complex warehouses, and SAP continues to broaden its capabilities, such as yard management, slotting and rearrangement. It offers a native WCS called Material Flow System (MFS) that allows SCM EWM to directly connect to programmable logic controllers.

  • SAP has a compelling platform strategy for addressing SCE convergence. This product offers strong integration with SAP Business Suite and other components, such as transportation management; trade compliance; and environmental, health and safety.

  • SAP has noteworthy market momentum, with growth in new sales and implementations (more than 600 total customers and 350 live customers), and
    notable numbers of new customers added year over year. This momentum has largely come during the past four years as SAP focused more attention on SCM EWM.

  • SAP has very diversified vertical industry coverage, with particular strengths in consumer goods, wholesale distribution, retail and 3PL, which represents about 60% of its customer base.

  • Gartner's Viewpoint of the WMS Market Has Changed in the Past Year: One of the most important trends in logistics management
    is a concept that Gartner calls supply chain execution (SCE) convergence, which refers to the need for supply chain organizations to better orchestrate and synchronize execution processes across functional execution domains. Because SCE convergence plays such a prominent role in enhancing logistics performance, [Gartner] have made it a central factor in this year's WMS market evaluation. Given this change and the effect it is having on the SCE application landscape, it has affected the positioning of some WMS vendors.


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