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SAP HANA streaming analytics

Introduction to SAP HANA smart data streaming

Event stream processing is a powerful and easy-to-use approach for capturing, analyzing and acting on streaming data.  With the addition of smart data streaming to the SAP HANA Platform, HANA-based applications will be able to incorporate real-time event steam processing and complex event processing (CEP) in order to:


  • Collect event data streaming in from any number of live sources
  • Filter and transform the data before capturing high-value data in the SAP HANA database
  • Actively monitor incoming data for real-time situation detection, generating alerts/notifications or immediate response
  • Continuously compute and publish operational statistics, KPI's and indices, streaming data to live operational dashboards

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Smart data streaming playlist in the SAP HANA Academy

This white paper introduces event stream processing, talks about some example use cases, and then provides an overview of the features of smart data streaming.

Take advantage of the discussion forum here in the Developer Center.  Tap into the wisdom of the community. The forum is moderated by the product team here at SAP.

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