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{API: World} An Unforgettable Experience


Many event attendees came from a very busy Hackathon weekend where SAP’s brand new API management solution was tried out by 4 hacker teams competing for one grand prize. This blog from Elijah reveals all the great details about that fun Hackathon weekend.

SAP became a popular demo area at API World show floor. You can tell SAP team was really doing a lot of heavy lifting there.

We missed a couch in our pod area for people to rest, so we made a green one out the thin air using the Visual Showroom demo app powered by SAP API Management. Can you even tell it is not there? Not only you can select visual furniture from a product catalog and see it popping up instantly in front of you but also you can check the pricing, delivery date and submit your order to SAP backend real time. Want to see more magic from this demo? Please check out this video. I was even able to show this app and explain the basic architecture to a deaf person from Egypt. He got so excited about it and brought even another deaf friend in his group to see it. That was definitely the highlight for my day!

This time even the Smart Vending Machine at our demo pod knows my name, my preference and what I have left to spend. My colleague Nikhil came from the team that developed this solution got interviewed by the event social media team. This SAP Connected Retail solution showcases efficient End-To-End Marketing Equipment Operations spanning supply-chain, maintenance, analytics, mobile payments and consumer Loyalty on a Smart Vending Machine powered by SAP Connected Retail solution based on SAP HANA and Internet of Things.

Crane Demo - Anti-collision & 3D Visualization demo attracted many visitors as well.  This is a real-time Anti-Collision and Remote site monitoring applications provided by embedded Computers in cranes, with software from partner SK Solutions powered by SAP API Management and SAP HANA.

My colleague Himanshu and Elijah from the product management team offered a very well received session on Wed. about the newly released SAP API management - Make Digital Access Simple, Scalable, and Secure with SAP® API Management. This technology helps you share digital assets and enables developer communities to consume these assets in new channels, devices, and user interfaces. SAP just released the on-premise edition on Sep 15th and the in-cloud edition is coming soon. SAP API Management has various capabilities in order to provide unified access to APIs based on open standards such as REST, OData, and OAuth. With enterprise grade security, you can seamlessly connect to all of your existing and new applications. This simplifies the way developers go about integrating SAP and non-SAP applications, reducing costs, fostering innovation and participating in the larger API economy.

Elijah did a live demo of the solution and showed the API traffics from the weekend Hackathon apps which used the SAP API management. Within few miniutes he created an API, a developer key, an application that consumes the API, showed how the system stops attacks and analytics. That was truly amazing!

There were many interesting sessions offered at the event presented by various companies and independent developers. Here are few sessions that my colleagues or I attended:

  • 10 reasons developers hate your API (and what to do about it) by John Musser from API Science

The speaker shared the TechCrunch headlight on Developer Survey about what you like and dislike about APIs. Surprisingly Facebook won
the “Worst API”! I guess every company has room for improvement.

Per speaker here are the top 3 reasons why your API sucks:

1. Your documentation sucks: inaccurate, out of date, incomplete…

2. Your communications skills need work: do not keep developers informed

3. You don’t make it easy: No “hello world”, no getting started guide, no SDKs…

  • Keynote: Making Great Marketing Decisions with Predictive Tools and Data

Presenter: Laura Kelly (Dun & Bradstreet)

Laura was talking about how companies need to make use of social media and other data sources to improve their business or to actually
survive. One aspect was on big data and how you need to get the "gold nuggets" out of huge amount of data. E.g. when you want to do business with McDonalds and browse the web you don't want the information about how well a Big Mac tastes.

  • Panel session: Connected Car (Internet of Things track)

It was very eye opening for me that cars can be much more than a large smart phone. A car can be a client and a server at the same time.
The 2 hours every day commute time can transform into a very productive experience with connected car technologies. Company can even control the driver’s driving behavior to reduce the gas consumption. I can certainly not wait for my car to get that smart.

It was trully an unforgettable 2 days for me at the API World with so many fully engaged attendees. With our new API Management solution SAP starts to play a significant role in this API world!

Here are more pictures on Hackathon and API World.

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