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SD Billing

Execution of transaction V12L_D - why runtime error?

With the transaction V12L_D it is possible to execute a pricing report, and then compare for example price lists with each other.

After entering the transaction on the starting screen, three fields will have to be filled:

The Usage (KVEWE), Application (KAPPL) and the name of the pricing report (KONLI) will have to be inserted.

When usage "A" is chosen thereafter the subsequent screen appears:

There you can then execute the pricing report (in the example with standard one 01 the name of the report is RV14AK01) and you get a selection screen where you can compare price lists:

Now however it is very important to know, that this transaction V12L_D had been only designed for pricing, only usage "A" is possible to enter!

In case you try to execute the transaction with a different usage, for example "G" (Listing&Exclusion):

Then the result will be a runtime error:

So keep in mind that only usage "A" is possible.

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