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How to install Oracle Software in SILENT mode with RUNINSTALLER


Please note that this document refers to 'RUNINSTALLER' with capital letters which is an interface for the Oracle 'runInstaller'. Also note, that 'RUNINSTALLER' can be used only by SAP customers and placed on the Oracle DVD that can be downloaded from Marketplace.

RUNINSTALLER provides an easily understandable command interface with well documented help option. It also standardise the Oracle Software installation and defines only the required Oracle Database Options for SAP Systems.

There may be several reasons why one need to install the Software in Silent mode, e.g.:

- GUI isn't available for the oracle user

- installation needs to be executed during night time, without any user interaction

- etc.

So here are the steps to be executed in order to successfully install Oracle Software in silent mode:

1.) set env. variable DB_SID to the required SID

2.) ./RUNINSTALLER -check -oracle_base /oracle/<SID>

3.) check 11ginstall_<release>.log for detailed information

          Pay attention only to the ERROR messages. Some of the WARNINGS like below ones can be ignored

                           (WARNING) -  Base directory for runtime Oracle home /oracle/<SID> does not exist.

                           (WARNING) -  Oracle base location /oracle/<SID> does not exist.

4.) ./RUNINSTALLER -silent -oracle_base /oracle/<SID> -install_home /oracle/<SID>/<release> -ohname <new oracle home name>

           example below:

            ./RUNINSTALLER -silent -oracle_base /oracle/TST -install_home /oracle/TST/11204 -ohname OraDb11g_home3

5.) Check the installation logfile for any errors.

That's it.



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