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SAP Notes Related to Hitachi / HDS

General statements:

Note 1492000 - General Support Statement for Virtual Environments (MUST READ)

Note 1501701 - Single Computing Unit Performance and Sizing

SAP HANA on Hitachi LPAR:

Note 2063057 - SAP HANA on Hitachi LPAR                                           NEW !!!!!

Note 1788665 - SAP HANA Support for virtualized Environments

Note 1905389 - Additional Material for HA200 and HA200R

SAP HANA 3rd Party Software:

Note 1730928  - Using external software in a SAP HANA appliance

Note 1730929  - Using external tools in an SAP HANA appliance

Note 1730930  - Using antivirus software in an SAP HANA appliance

Note 1730932  - Using backup tools with Backint for SAP HANA


Note 1793345  Größenplanung für SAP Suite on HANA

Note 1736976  Sizing Report for BW on Hana

Note 1793345  Sizing for SAP Suite on Hana

SAP Application related Notes

Note 1658845 - SAP HANA DB hardware check

Note 1637145 - SAP BW on SAP HANA: Sizing SAP In-Memory Database

Note 1661202 - Support for multiple applications on SAP HANA

Note 1681092 - Support for multiple SAP HANA databases one HANA aka Multi SID

Note 1577128 - Supported clients for SAP HANA 1.0

Note 1808450 - Homogenous system landscape for on BW-HANA

Note 1828400 - SAPUI5 tools disappeared after updating Hana Studio

SAP on Linux:

Note 2065323 - Linux: Released Hitachi / HDS Hardware                        NEW !!!!!

Note 1122387 - Linux: SAP Support in virtualized environments

Note 2025249 - Linux: SAP on Hitachi HVM LPAR virtualization (steadily changing)

Note 171356   - SAP software on Linux: General information

Note 540787   - CPU affinity and CPU priority under Linux

Note 1552925 - Linux: High Availability Cluster Solutions

Note 1681501 - Configure a SAP JVM to use large pages on Linux

Note 724140   - Extended memory, release for operating system

Support Related:

Note 500235   - Network Diagnosis with NIPING


Note 1102124 - SAPOSCOL on Linux: Enhanced function

Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM):

Note 1783702 - SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management 2.0

Note 1798556 - SAP NetWeaver LVM 20 Standard Edition

Note 1808432 - Online Virtual Machine cloning with LVM

Note 1709155 - System Provisioning with SAP Landscape Virtualization Management

Note 1550099 - Additional Host Agent Operations for ACC/SAP LVM

Note 1572841 - Setup of name server update of SAP LVM

Database virtualization:

Note 1142243 - MaxDB release for virtual systems

Note 1130801 - DB2 LUW, DB2 z/OS release for VMware, XEN, and Hyper-V

Note 1706801 - Sybase ASE release for virtual systems

Business Objects:

For all other Business Objects products, see SAP Note 1492000.

Desktop virtualization:

Note 66971   - Supported SAP GUI platforms

Note 154156 - Parallel operation of SAP GUIs of different releases

SAP Sizing Related Websites:

SAP Hana Cloud:

<span style="color: #000000;">SAP Hana Cloud & In-Memory Business Data Management</span>

SAP Hana Cloud Integration - Intro

SAP Hana Cloud Integration

SAP Hana Documentation

SAP BW on HANA Cookbook

SAP HANA Data Center Readiness

SAP HANA Appliance Software

SAP HANA Technical Operations Manual

SAP HANA Master Guide

SAP HANA Master Update Guide

SAP HANA Update and Configuration Guide

SAP HANA Administration Guide

SAP HANA Security Guide

SAP Hana High Availability

SAP HANA - High Availability FAQ

How-to-Guide: SAP Hana System Replication

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