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SAP on Hitachi LPAR


For a general overview on the support of SAP Applications, Operating Systems, and Databases in Virtual and Private Cloud Environments, see also Support of SAP Applications, Operating Systems, and Databases in Virtual and Private Cloud Environments.

SAP Notes Related to Hitachi LPAR

For a list of SAP Notes that are related to the use of SAP applications on Hitachi LPAR, see SAP Notes Related to Hitachi.

For a list of SAP Notes related to Linux, see SAP Notes for Linux in Virtual Environments.

Supported SAP Applications

SAP supports almost all its applications on the supported stack of virtualization solution, operating system and database.

For exceptions and specific configuration requirements for your SAP application, check section 2 of SAP Note 1492000.

As of August 2014, the General Support Statement for Virtual Environments applies for all SAP applications and components except the following:

  • BWA
  • SAP HANA and SAP HANA-related applications (Note 2063057 - SAP HANA on Hitachi LPAR)  NEW !!!!!
  • NetWeaver MDM
  • SAP ITS 6.20

Supported Guest Operating Systems by SAP

For prerequisites and configuration details for support, check SAP Note 1122387 on Linux.

For Hitachi / HDS check out SAP Note 2025249 - Linux: SAP on Hitachi HVM LPAR virtualization

Supported Databases

For detailed information on support of your database product, check the relevant SAP Notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of frequently asked questions for the operation on SAP applications with Hitachi LPAR, check Frequently Asked Questions: Hitachi LPAR.

Getting Started and Hitachi Documents regarding SAP Products

SAP HDS Alliance webpage SAP Solutions, see Hitachi Solutions For SAP

For Hitachi LPAR, see HDS Blogs: Data Center Advisors - Hu's Blog

Recommendations for Hitachi LPAR, see Guidelines for PoC Customers with Hitachi LPAR

Best Practicies for Hitachi LPAR, see SAP HANA Best Practicies for Hitachi LPAR

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