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To ensure customers obtain robust and tested partner built Transactional Fiori apps, SAP has created a certification program for Fiori apps. Partners have the  option of developing Fiori apps either on SAP Business Suite on traditional DBs (FIORI-APP-TA) or on SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA (FIORI-APP-TA oH).

Partner deliverables

The functionality of a partner built Fiori app can be delivered by developing and providing its own UI (SAPUI5 layers), SAP Gateway content and SAP Business Suite Add-on.

Fiori UI Client – Fiori focuses on a simple and consistent user experience on many devices. To achieve

this, Fiori design philosophy and principles must be implemented. To learn and implement Fiori UI, please refer to detailed Fiori design guidelines

SAP Gateway content – SAP Gateway is a development framework, which offers development and generation tools to create OData services to a variety of client development tools including Fiori. Put simply, it establishes a connection between SAP Business Suite data and Fiori apps. OData services consumed by Fiori apps shall be delivered by partners. Partners must register a development namespace and all Gateway objects shall be developed using development namespace.

SAP Business Suite Add-on development – Partners can develop custom ABAP Add-on (to expose a business transaction or data) that can be consumed by Fiori apps via SAP Gateway services.

Partners must register a development namespace and all ABAP Add-on objects shall be developed using development namespace.

Packaging – SAP Add-On Assembly Kit (AAK) shall be used to package

· UI and Backend OData Services developed for your FIORI Apps shall be delivered separately to support the GW hub deployment option.

· Business Suite ABAP Add-On will be package.

Security, Authentication & Virus scans – Partner must implement recommended security and authentication measures, also partners have to perform virus scans for vulnerabilities. Please note that during certification test, ICC does not validate security measures and scan for vulnerabilities, it will be partner's responsibility to document these in TPP and sign off Security section. Please refer to interface guidelines document for further details,

Response time KPIs – Partner Fiori app must have acceptable response time and you can find respective response time KPIs in test plan.

Certification process

Once partners have signed up for Fiori App certification with SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC), a dedicated ICC consultant will work with you. All documents mentioned below should be submitted to your designated ICC consultant.

Design review of the UI – Please note that Fiori UI is the most critical and important aspect of the certification. To make sure Fiori apps are developed using design principles provided by SAP, Q-gate for design review is included in the certification. For the design review, partners will be provided with checklist and the following documents which must be filled and submitted to ICC consultant

App Template – template for providing app info, restrictions, flows etc.

Product Definition – template for providing persona, story board, use case etc.

NOTE: Please complete design review Q-gate before developing Fiori app.

Technical Product Profile document – Partners will have to complete TPP and send it to respective ICC consultant for review. Once TPP is accepted, consultant can schedule a date for certification.

Technical testing

1.    Installation and Configuration of partner delivered component on sandbox

a.    Fiori app (i.e. Fiori UI), check Fiori Launchpad integration

b.    Gateway content Add-on package

c.    Business Suite Add-on package

2.    Verify registered development namespace and usage.

3.    Verify partner’s Gateway content configuration (e.g. backend system connection, SAP CRM, SAP ERP, etc.) based on their content configuration guide

Functional testing – Functional spot checks are performed. Partner will define the test scenarios in advance and document it in technical product profile document. The test scenarios must be comprehensive and cover all the features of the solution. End to end response time KPIs are verified for functional scenarios.

NOTE: All the required certification documents will be sent by ICC consultant.

Getting Started

The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) highly recommends that ISVs and partners, who are interested in certifying an integration of their product with SAP solutions, begin with our page Getting Started with Integration and Certification that explains the SAP ICC services and describes the process how to obtain them. To request independent certification of a mobile app, please send the following information to with the following details:

o Company Name and complete address (no PO Box accepted)

o Name of Fiori App and release

o Contact person and contact details (email; phone; fax)

Technical Documentation

Fiori App Certification Test Plan

Fiori App Certification Interface Guidelines

Test System Recommendation from SAP ICC

Please contact your assigned ICC consultant for availability of sandbox.

Price List

We are offering special bundle pricing for all Fiori app Certifications:

Single Certification: One (1) Certification to be completed within 9 month from signing the contract = 2,500 Euro

5-Pack Certification:  Five (5) Certifications to be completed within 9 month from signing the contract = 7,000 Euro

10-Pack Certification: Ten (10) Certifications to be completed within 9 month from signing the contract = 10,000 Euro

(Euro currency applicable to all countries)

To understand all services and benefits included in this fee, please refer to the Getting Started Page.

Benefits of Certification

Customers using SAP-certified solutions in their SAP environment, as well as the ISVs and partners offering these, experience great benefits such as shorter implementation times, technical enablement, and marketing assets that certification provides. Please visit the 'Certification Benefits overview page' for more information. After successful certification one the following logo is delivered:


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ICC Webinar You are invited to join our introductory webinars - hosted by the SAP Integration and Certification Center in regular intervals. For a schedule and recordings got to the page "SAP Integration and Certification Webinar Series Overview"

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