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logging of Web Client UI

Getting started: quick guide to UI Logging

Protection from insider data leaks: Logging provides a powerful and efficient way to increase data security significantly.
UI logging provides features for logging of SAP access through the most relevant SAP UI and interface technologies (SAP GUI, Web Dynpro, RFC and many more). It complements SAP standard security features by logging of what a user has seen and entered on an SAP frontend. One of its most relevant use cases is the protection against data theft and data leakages, in particular caused by insiders.
UI Logging is an indirect approach to data security in situations where it is not sensible to technically restrict users’ data access: it raises their awareness as to the value of your business data and justified usage. Compare it to a speed control – both discouraging users from opportunistic speeding as well as posing a tool for identifying deliberate offenders. (If you look for a direct technical approach: maybe our solution for UI Field Security/Masking is a good fit?)
Functionality: data access recording and analyzing. UI Logging logs everything which is "shown" to a user (or handed over to him via other channels, e.g. export, print...), and offers a cockpit with strong filtering options for analyzing logged data and identifying unauthorized data access.
UI Logging is a lightweight solution, with strong configuration options, running in the background with minimal resource requirements, touching no system functionality. Log files are primarily stored in your ECC system, but can be kept in other locations as a matter of configuration. Have a look at the high-level system architecture!
UI Logging is lightweight also in TCO
The solution is delivered as Add-On, it is easy to install.  UI Logging requires comparatevily low implementation efforts: In a "quick start" mode, just determine the logging scope on transaction level, and define which users to include (or exclude) - and be ready to go! Like this, you can be live & logging with UI Logging as a matter of a few days – and then take more time to refine your configuration and tweak logging scope if desired. SAP field services worldwide have the relevant experience and can support you to guarantee the success of your implementation. Check out the suggested sample implementation!
Want more info? Read our solution one-pager, or check out these config and system screen shots for a first impression. Then get more background information in our public presentation and Q&A section where we will be happy to reply to your queries as well. Or read more on which different channels (UI technologies) UI Logging supports, and how this is achieved!
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Still not sure? Need a demo? Or have questions you don't want to post publicly? Let us know!
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