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SAP Transportation Management

TM中文文档 (TM Chinese Documents)

这里的关于SAP Transportation Management (运输管理)的中文文档,主要包括SAP TM的产品战略,路线图,功能介绍和系统演示等,以供对SAP TM解决方案感兴趣的咨询顾问、市场推广人员和客户参考和使用。


SAP TM Level 1 概览

SAP TM Level 2 详细介绍





从供应链到需求网络 - SAP供应链发展展望及路线图



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Here are some Chinese documents about SAP Transportation Management, mainly include SAP TM product strategy, roadmap, functional introduction and system demos, etc. These documents are for TM consultants, marketing people and customers who are interested in SAP TM solutions.

Currently we have below documents:

SAP TM Level 1 Overview

SAP TM Level 2 Details

360 Degree Visualization of Transportation Planning

SAP SCE Platform Strategy

SAP TM Overview for Mining Industry

SAP TM Innovation Show

From Supply Chain to Demand Network – SAP Supply Chain Development Roadmap

IoT Connected Logistics

We will continuously add new materials and keep them up to date.

Thank you so much for your interests about SAP TM!