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How to create BR*Tools trace



In some cases you - just like SAP Support or SAP Development - want to see more details about a specific error issued by BR*Tools.

Per default, in case of some errors BR*Tools turns on a trace options automatically and so, we can see detailed information for that specific action only. This is visible below:

BR0280I BRCONNECT time stamp: 2014-06-21 06.00.42

BR0301E SQL error -1017 at location BrInitOraCreate-2, SQL statement:


ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

BR0303E Determination of Oracle version failed

If one requires more detailed information, there are two alternatives to set the trace level depending how the command was executed:

1.) If BR*Tools is executed in command prompt on OS level


      1.1) Specify "-TRC <trace level>" at the end of the command


      1.2) Set the environment variable BR_TRACE = <trace level>

2.) if BR*Tools is executed from DB13/DB13C

  2.1.) locate the corresponding action entry in table SDBAC (via SE16)


             DBSYS = ORACLE

             SHORTCUT = <action type> like e.g. "ALLOG"

  2.2.) change the value in the field PSTRING by adding -TRC <trace level> at the end of the string so instead of


            -u / -c force -t online -m all @ []C @,[-v ]V -a -c force @ []P

                        the value would then be

           -u / -c force -t online -m all @ []C @,[-v ]V -a -c force @ []P -TRC <trace level>

Trace levels and their meaning:

  • Trace level 1:
    Tracing the calls of external programs (for example, dd, sqlplus):

    • Command lines of external calls
    • Output of external calls


  • Trace level 2:
    Tracing SQL statements: 

    • SQL commands called
    • Output of SQL commands
  • Trace level 4:
    Tracing the call of internal functions:

    • Private C-functions called
    • Return codes of private C-functions called
  • Trace level 8:
    Output of environment information:

    • All call options
    • All environment variables

The trace levels can be combined. Trace level 3 (1 + 2) means that both the calls of external programs and SQL commands are logged.



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