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Purchase Order Header Condition

If you are a customer using Extended Classic Scenario of SAP Supplier Relationship Management 7.0 Enhancement package 3 SP01 or any other lower version of SAP SRM, then you will not be able to add header level discount condition in purchase orders.

While creating a purchase order, it is not possible for the purchaser to set discount conditions at the header level. The purchaser is only allowed to add condition at item level. If any purchase order contains a huge number of items it becomes tedious for the purchaser. The purchaser has to set condition one by one at each item level. Thus, the process is quite tedious and time consuming.

Also, the header conditions mentioned in the RFx is not carried forward to Purchase Order.


A new feature, Purchase Order Header Condition, is developed to address this pain point.

You can use Purchase Order Header Price Condition, as a purchaser, to set a price condition at the header level on the total amount of the order. If a purchaser create a Purchase Orders from RFx then the header conditions from RFx is transferred to PO as header price conditions. Previously the header condition from RFx used to get reflected in purchase order as item condition.

In the Extended Classic Scenario, conditions from purchase orders in SAP SRM are not replicated in purchase requisitions in SAP ERP. Similarly, conditions that are set at header level in purchase orders in SAP SRM are not replicated when purchase orders are transferred to the Supplier Self-Service system.


To use the feature, you have to first activate the Business Function SRM_CONT_IMPR and then activate the Customizing switch Purchase Order Header Condition (SRM_700_PO_HEADER_PRICING) under SRM Server-> Cross Application Basic Settings-> Activate Purchase Order Header Condition


2012732 - PO Header Conditions - Switch Creation and Activation

1898304 - Interface Note: PO Header Condition

1898306 - Improvement Note: PO Header Condition

For complete details about SAP SRM 7.03 refer: SAP SRM 7.03

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