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SAP Supplier Relationship Management

SAP SRM 7.0 Enhancement Package 3 SP04

In SAP SRM 703 SP04 the following performance optimizations are available:

POWL on HANA optimizations

     Inspired by the success of optimization of Shopping Cart POWL on HANA, further POWL optimization was carried out in Support Package 04.Contract POWL on HANA, RFx POWL on HANA, RFx Response POWL on HANA and Purchase Order POWL on HANA is successfully delivered with SP04. The mentioned optimizations resulted in tremendous performance improvement in the POWL area.

BADI Implementation, /SAPSRM/BD_POWL_DBSYS_OPT, of BADI, /SAPSRM/BD_POWL_SRCH_DBSYS_OPT has to be actived in order to get the performance improvement.

Sourcing Cockpit performance improvement

     Another major area for performance improvement was Sourcing Cockpit application, as majority of the customers were facing bottle necks in that area. The response time of SOCO search results improved dramatically as a result of optimization.

To use the feature, you have to first activate the Business Function SRM_OPT_SOCO and then activate the Customizing switch Sourcing Search Optimization (SRM_703_SOCO_SEARCH) under SRM Server-> Sourcing-> Activate/Deactivate Sourcing Search Optimization

For complete details about SAP SRM 7.03 refer: SAP SRM 7.03

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