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SAP SRM 7.0 Enhancement Package 3 SP02

As part of SAP SRM 7.03 SP02 the following features are delivered:

Purchase Order Header Condition:

       It will be possible for the purchaser to maintain header conditions for Purchase Order.

Harmonized Substitution / Central Substitution:

        Substitutes for Team Purchasing, Workflow and Sourcing Application can be maintained from a centralized place.

Mandatory Fields:

        All fields that are marked as mandatory shall be marked with a red star and if the field is left blank there shall be a red frame around the field and a link        from  the validation error to the field which needs to be maintained.

Automatic Enlargement of Long Text Boxes:

        User should be able to provide and view comments without scrolling through the text boxes on header of Shopping Cart, Purchase Order and for the Note Set for any Business Document.

Workload Redistribution:

        It shall be possible to change the Purchasing group and purchasing organization responsible for a requirement from the Sourcing Application.

You can find detailed description about these features by following the links mentioned below:

Purchase Order Header Condition

Harmonized Substitution

Mandatory Fields

Automatic Enlargement of Long Text Boxes

Workload Redistribution

For complete details about SAP SRM 7.03 refer: SAP SRM 7.03

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