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Error VF003 although item category is not relevant for billing



You try to create an order / delivery related billing document. Due to item category settings in transaction VOV7 (field 'Billing relevance'), the order / delivery also contains items that are not relevant for billing (VBAP-FKREL / LIPS-FKREL = <BLANK>). At the time of invoice creation the program shows the error message VF003 for these items, even though they are not relevant for billing.

VF003 - Item category & & cannot be invoiced with billing type &

In case of delivery related process the error message is written in FORM FAKTURAPOSI_LIEFERBEZOGEN (Include LV60AA21)

In case of order related process the error message is written in FORM FAKTURAPOSI_AUFTRAGSBEZOGEN (Include LV60AA29)

Reason & Solution

When creating the billing document, the program checks the copy-control settings of the item categories present in the sales order / delivery. If the certain item category is missing from the copy-control settings, the system issues the error message VF003 for the affected item.
Despite the fact that the item is not billing relevant, the error message is raised.

Example for delivery related process:

Delivery document type ZLF
Billing document type ZF2

Item 10:   Item category ZTAN (relevant for billing)
Item 20:   Item category ZTAK (not relevant for billing)

You get the following error message at the time when you create the invoice: VF003 - Item category ZLF ZTAK cannot be invoiced with billing type ZF2

The reason for this error is the fact that item category ZTAK is not maintained in copy control customizing (transaction VTFL) for the following combination:

Target billing type:   ZF2   Invoice
From delivery type:   ZLF   Outbound Delivery

The copy control settings are visible on the database table TVCPF. The following entry is missing:


The solution for this problem is to maintain each and every item category of the delivery in the copy control settings for 'delivery document to billing document', even though the item category is not relevant for billing.


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