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SAP Announces Changes for SAP Rapid Mart Support


SAP is committed to providing its customers with world-class solutions that help address data quality and information management challenges. In order to make these types of ongoing investments, at times we need to manage investments in certain technologies as well. As a result, SAP is planning no further significant functional enhancements to the SAP Rapid Mart products. The goal of this communication is to provide a notification to all customers of this action, provide you with details on what products are affected, make available to you various resources for more detailed information, and point you in the right direction for replacement solutions that you can upgrade to.

The following is a list of SAP Rapid Mart products impacted by this action:

  • BA&T SAP Accounts Receivable Rapid Mart
  • BA&T SAP Accounts Payable Rapid Mart
  • BA&T SAP Cost Center Rapid Mart
  • BA&T SAP General Ledger Rapid Mart
  • BA&T SAP Sales Rapid Mart
  • BA&T SAP Purchasing Rapid Mart
  • BA&T SAP Inventory Rapid Mart
  • BA&T SAP Project Systems Rapid Mart
  • BA&T SAP Prod. Plan. Systems Rapid Mart
  • BA&T SAP Plant Maint. Sys. Rapid Mart
  • BA&T SAP HR Rapid Mart
  • BA&T SAP Fixed Assets Rapid Mart
  • BA&T SAP Rapid Marts, Edge edition

Please note that all of these Rapid Mart solutions have reached the end of their mainstream maintenance.  It is important to clearly state that SAP will continue to honor all current maintenance agreements.  However, future support will be limited to technical updates and fixes to bugs in the product.  SAP customers should contact their Account Executive or the Maintenance and Renewals team with questions on the expiration of their current contracts.

Product Upgrade and Future Support Options

DatalyticsTechnologies (”Datalytics”) has announced that it will sell, maintain , support and enhance its own Rapid Mart Solutions based on SAP Rapid Mart technology.  Please  refer to Datalytics’ press release on this important news. Customers may contact Datalytics Technologies directly for more information. SAP makes no representation or warranty with respect to any services or products provided Datalytics.

Resources and Contacts for additional information

If you have any questions about your Rapid Mart products and options moving forward, please contact your SAP Account Executive. If you do not know who your AE is, please contact the customer interaction center (CIC). The CIC is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and it provides a central point of contact for assistance. Call the CIC at 800 677 7271 or visit them online at Additionally, you can reach out directly to the SAP reseller or VAR partner you have worked with in the past.

Again, we want to emphasize that SAP is highly committed to providing leading enterprise information management solutions that help you to meet your rapidly growing business requirements. We thank you very much for your continued support.