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SAP Notes for Linux in Virtual Environments

Here you find SAP Notes that are related to the use of SAP software on the Linux guest operating system in virtual and private cloud environments with VMware vSphere, Xen, KVM and other virtualization solutions.

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SAP Key Note for Virtual Environments
  • 1492000:  General Support Statement for Virtual Environments
Linux in Virtual Environments
  • 1122387:  Linux: SAP Support in virtualized environments
  • 1102124:  SAPOSCOL on Linux: Enhanced function
SAP with VMware vSphere
  • 2161991:  Linux: VMware vSphere configuration guidelines
  • 1606643:  Linux: VMware vSphere host monitoring interface
  • 1482272:  Key Figures of Virtualization on VMware vSphere
  • 1173954:  Support of Oracle for VMware
  • Other SAP Notes related to VMware virtualization
SAP with Xen-based vitualization solutions
  • 962334    Linux: SAP on SUSE Xen virtual machine
  • 1739625:  Linux: SAP on Red Hat Xen
  • 1519590:  Virtualization with Citrix XenServer
  • 1532458:  Monitoring of SAP on Citrix XenServer
  • 1807851:  Linux: SAP on Huawei FusionSphere virtualization
  • 1808268:  SAP on Oracle VM - Oracle VM Support
  • 1817065:  SAP on Oracle VM - Monitoring SAP on Oracle VM
SAP with KVM-based virtualization solutions
  • 1400911:  Linux: SAP on Red Hat KVM - Kernel-based Virtual Machine
  • 1522993:  Linux: SAP on SUSE KVM - Kernel-based Virtual Machine
  • 1650076:  DB2 z/OS: SAP on IBM zEnterprise(TM) BladeCenter Extension
  • 2196056:  DB2-z/OS: SAP on Linux on KVM for IBM z Systems
  • 2097317:  Linux on Power: SAP on PowerKVM - Kernel-Based Virtual Machine
SAP with LPAR-based virtualization solutions
  • 2025249:  Linux: SAP on Hitachi HVM LPAR virtualization

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