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Details about some new features in SAP Gateway 2.0 SP09

A complete list of new features in SAP Gateway 2.0 SP09 can be found in the SAP Online Help: What's New in SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 SPS 09 - SAP NetWeaver Gateway - SAP Library.

Please note that the new features shipped with SAP Gateway 2.0 SP09 will be shortly available with SAP NetWeaver 7.40 SP08.

Please also note that the gateway component SAP_GWFND is not an add-on component but a part of SAP NetWeaver 7.40. That means all features of a SAP Gateway 2.0 Support Package level are also available with the corresponding Support Package level of the SAP NetWeaver 7.40. See SAP Note 1942072 - SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 Support Package Stack for the different support package levels in other SAP NetWeaver releases.

Following are the details of some new features in SAP Gateway 2.0 SP09:

Improvement for SAP Statistics
The so-called SAP Statistics provided by the SAP Gateway framework from SP08 onwards will be SAP Statistics Standard for Communications using different transport protocols and framework or components. Due to this, the SAP Gateway statistics can be now required by settings of "sap-statistics=true" in the request URL or via HTTP request header (name=sap-statistics, value= true). The settings in URL have higher priority than the one in HTTP header.

The SAP Gateway statistics use the HTTP response header as usual but the header name is now "sap-statistics" instead of "sap-gwstatistics" and its value contains at first the 3 values total, fw (framework) and app (application). Information about gwtotal, gwhub, gwrfcoh,gwbe and gwapp remain unchanged. See Some new features in SAP NW Gateway 2.0 SP08 for more details.

Performance Trace API for Applications
The performance trace tool on a backend system has been extended with the API defined in class /IWBEP/CL_DIAGNOSTICS_FACADE to enable a data provider to measure the performance when calling external or internal components during the request processing in the same way as the gateway framework.

A data provider can always issue this API in its source codes but the trace entries will only be written if the performance trace has been activated via transaction /IWBEP/TRACES.

Due to performance influence, the trace result won’t be transported to the gateway system and can only be monitored via transaction /IWBEP/TRACES in the backend system.

Conversions in Gateway Framework
From SP09 onwards, a default conversion for unit amount is supported. Until SP08 a default conversion is only supported for currency amount.

Moreover, a conversion exit for currency, currency amount, unit of measurement and unit amount is also available. To do this, a model provider class has to call the method SET_CONVERSION_EXIT with the newly extended signature (importing parameters).

SAP note 2028852 describes different kinds of conversions supported by the gateway framework for different Support Package levels.

Performance Improvements on $batch (Change Set at Once/Change Set in Defer Mode)
From SP08 onwards the $batch processing has been improved to send all batch operations via only one RFC to backend and supports a parallelization of queries based on the batch configuration in a backend system.  See Some new features in SAP NW Gateway 2.0 SP08 for more details.

From SP09 onwards, each change set processing can also be improved if the data provider can handle the whole change set at once. That means the provider has to implement the new API for change set handling to process all change set operations within the new API CHANGESET_PROCESS. In this case a data provider has to return the result of all operations back to the gateway framework.

This handling is also called “Processing a change set in defer mode”.

Technical Details:

  • When method CHANGESET_BEGIN is called a data provider can use the new changing parameter CV_DEFER_MODE to inform the gateway framework that it can process all change set operations at once (deferred processing). Based on the list of entity set name, entity type name and action name, a data provider can dynamically set the exporting parameter mentioned above to inform the GW framework that it will process the current change set at once or to reset this parameter to have a single processing as usual. Default Implementation is single processing. That means without any changes in a data provider each change set operation will be processed one after another as usual.

  • If CV_DEFER_MODE  is set, the gateway framework will call the data provider using the new method CHANGESET_PROCESS with importing parameter IT_CHANGESET_REQUEST containing a list of change set operations. Each entry of this list contains the Technical Request Context IO_TECH_REQUEST_CONTEXT as usual but also a message container for error or information message happened during the processing. Response data of a change set operation including HTTP custom headers and ETag (if exist) must be returned in changing parameter CT_CHANGESET_RESPONSE.

  • At the end of a change set the gateway framework will call method CHANHGESET_END as usual.

Coding Sample:
The method CHANGESET_BEGIN and CHANGESET_PROCESS of the data provider class /IWBEP/CL_MGW_RT_SFLIGHT has been extended to support a defer processing for entity type Travelagency and function import UpdateAgencyPhoneNo in one change set.

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