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BW Business Explorer (SAP BEx)

Web Item LINK_SETTINGS could not be found in current Web Application


When executing a query in web side using customized Web Template for eg:ZANALYSIS_PATTERN in Release 7.30, the following warning message occurs:

“Web Item LINK_SETTINGS could not be found in current Web Application”


What steps need to be followed to solve this warning message.

Steps to be followed  to solve this warning message:

1) In transaction RSCUSTV27 in relevant SAP BW Backend system, the following parameters are set:

2) Please go to Web Application Designer of relevant SAP BW Backend system and open the Web Template ZANALYSIS_PATTERN and here, you will
find that this Web Template ZANALYSIS_PATTERN contains a Container Layout Web Item named TOOLBAR_RIGHT_AREA and inside this TOOLBAR_RIGHT_AREA you are having only one Link Item named LINK_FILTER

However in the Web Item Parameters for this TOOLBAR_RIGHT_AREA (on the left side of the page)->

Web Item Parameters for TOOLBAR_RIGHT_AREA -> Internal Display -> go to ‘1 Row’ present under Row List(1) -> When you click on
.(dot) present near 1 Row -> It is seen that TOOLBAR_RIGHT_AREA is mapped to two Link items named:



3) For such cases earlier i.e. before Release 7.30 these warning messages were not shown in the portal. From Release 7.30 onwards the
warning message is displayed in the portal for such cases.

The simple solution to fix this issue is by doing one of the following in the Web Template ZANALYSIS_PATTERN:

a. Removing the child reference of LINK_SETTINGS from TOOLBAR_RIGHT_AREA as this Link Item LINK_SETTINGS does not exist


b. Adding a new Link item named LINK_SETTINGS  inside the Container Layout Web Item named TOOLBAR_RIGHT_AREA .

4) Save this Web Template ZANALYSIS_PATTERN

5) Restart the Java server to make these settings effective.

6)Now, execute the query in question and the warning message about “Web Item LINK_SETTINGS could not be found in current Web Application” will not appear.

Please DO NOT make any changes in Default/Standard Web Template [Analysis - 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN].

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