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SAP Visual Business

Analytical Choropleth Map


SAP Visual Business provides an abstract map (a choropleth map) that contains only region borders.

Typically a choropleth map (from Greek χώρο “area/region” +πλήθος "multitude”) is a schematic map in which areas are colored or patterned in proportion to the key figure being displayed on the map, such as population density or per-capita income.

It shows all the country borders and the planning data (budget, Actual Spend etc.) related to that region.This kind of map is often used to display analytical data with geographcial background.

Areas are displayed in different colors visulaizing the geographical distribution of a value to allow a comparision in different regions.


In general the customer has to upload own content containing the country borders as polygones with the longitude/latitude values.

SAP Visual Business supports a GeoJSON format. This is available in the internet from various web pages without fee.

Here you can find a description how to setup and also a sample content file

How to setup the content used in SAP Visual Business analytic choropleth map


The application can control the colors, get events (click/tap and a contect menu request) and can trigger a zoom to countries.

See here for an API decription: UI5 Development: Analytical Choropleth Map