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UI5 Development: Visualization Object Polygone


The polygone VO is used to display lines in a scene. Optionally the anchor points of the line can be visualized as circles. The polygone has the following CLSID:



The attributes of the polygone allows to configure most visual aspects.


must be the above CLSID
idNostringYes/Yesspecifies the id of the VO
datasourceNostringpath to a data node
posarrayYesvectorarrayYes/Yesanchor points of the route
scaleYesvectorYes/Yesthe x part is used to scale the line
colorYescolorYes/Yesline color of the VO
startYeslongNo/Yesline end at start, 0:no 1: arrow
endYesstringNo/Yesline end at endt, 0:no 1: arrow
tooltipYesstringYes/Yestooltip of the VO
linewidthYesvectorYes/Yes0;0;0x,y,z scaling, only x and y are used
dotcolorYesYes/Yescolor of a waypoint
dotbordercolorYescolorNo/Yesborder color of a waypoint
dotwidthYesfloatYes/Yesdiameter of a line dot
dothotScaleYesvectorYes/Yes1;1;1x,y,z only x factor is used to scale the linewidth and dotwidth
hotDeltaColorYesstringNo/Yesrelative or absolute color value
fxsizeNobooleanNo/Yeswhen set, the VO should not scale
DragSourceNoobjectNo/Yesdrag filter information

drop filter information^


ClickYes/Yesfired when the VO is clicked or there is a corresponding touch event on the VO
ContextMenuYes/Yesfired when there is a right click or a corresponding touch event on the VO
HandleContextMenuYes/Nofired when there is a click or touch on a design handle

The figure shows a schematic route. The dots are always on top of the routes line. When an endpoint is set, no dots will be rendered at this position. When the dotwidth is zero, the route does not show dots at all. Is the linewidth property of the Route set to zero, only dots will be shown.

The property dothotScale is a vector type, nevertheless only the first x coordinate is used to scale the dotwidth and linewidth property of the VO. The hotDeltaColor is applied to all color values of the route VO.



      "id": "Route",

     "type": "{00100000-2012-0004-B001-C46BD7336A1A}",

      "datasource": "Main",

           "posarray.bind": "Main.PosList",

         "scale": "1.0;1.0;1.0",

         "fxdir": "false",
          "fxsize": "false",

          "color.bind": "Main.Color",
          "start.bind": "Main.ArrowStartPoint",

        "end.bind": "Main.ArrowEndPoint",

        "tooltip.bind": "Main.ToolTip",

        "linewidth.bind": "Main.LineWidth",

    "dotwidth.bind": "Main.DotWidth",

           "dotcolor.bind": "Main.DotColor",

     "dotbordercolor.bind": "Main.DotBorderColor"


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