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UI5 Development with Visual Business


JSON Interface (General Interface)

This interface is a general interface to control Visual Business.

The application communicates with only one method (Load) with Visual Business and get events back.

It can define a graphical scene by sending a JSON to the Load method containing the application data, the symbols,

the symbol interactions and general settings. The VB JSON format allows also a delta update mechanism.

The JSON interface is compatible to older versions. Even for different devices/platforms this interface is planned to be supported.

E.g. the existing ActiveX VB control has the same interface.

In the future a high level interface with VB specific tags is planned to allow a more direct usage.

Here is a desciption of using the UI5 control and a description of the JSON interface.

UI5 Development: Embedding the UI5 control in a HTML page

UI5 Development: The JSON format

Setting Visual Business Navigation & Visual Frame Parameters

UI5 Development: List of Visual Objects and their Attributes

UI5 Development: JSON Delta Operations

UI5 Development: Events

UI5 Development: Raising a Context Menu

Analytical Choropleth Map

See this document for an overview Analytical Choropleth Map and a API description

UI5 Development: Analytical Choropleth Map.

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