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Job Monitoring - How to delete Inconsistent Monitored Objects?


In the Configuration UI of Job Monitoring, owing to the inconsistent Monitored Object user might get the following issues,

1. "No BPMON Object Found"

2. The deactivation and deletion of the Monitored Object is no longer possible

To delete this MOs from the Job Monitoring Scenario, please do the following steps,

Step 1: Get the list of Context IDs for the inconsistent Monitored Objects

  • Get the inconsistent Monitored Object Name from the Job Monitoring Configuration UI

  • Launch the data browser using the Transaction Code SE16
  • Table Name: ACCONTEXTDIR
  • Pass the MO Name in the CONTEXT_NAME field and "JOB" in CONTEXT_TYPE field

  • Click on Execute (F8). Copy the CONTEXT_ID from the result set

Step 2: Open the Report Program ACR_DELETE_ENTRY_POINTS in SE38 and Execute it

  • Pass the CONTEXT_ID in the parameter "Entry Points"
  • Pass the Monitoring Use-Case as "JOB_MON" and click on Execute (F8)

  • After the execution of this report, the MO will be deleted from Solution Manager Repository and Directory

Step 3: Run the report program AC_JOBMON_CLEANUP in SE38 to clean up the scenarios.

This would resolve the issue of Inconsistent Monitored Objects.

In case you face any issues in Job Monitoring please raise a ticket to the component SV-SMG-MON-JBI-JOB

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