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How to create a perfect incident

Are you also sometimes annoyed when product support engineers seems to play ping pong with your incident asking about system access, reproducible example data or providing notes which are already applied in your system?
This can be avoided if you keep a few things in mind when creating an incident:

  • Assign the incident to the right installation and system ID
  • Enter a meaningful short text in the Subject area. The short text helps to identify the message. It is also a search term for searching in the SAP Support Portal and knowledge base articles.
  • Enter a detailed description of the problem as a long text.
  • Provide test data and a detailed step-by-step description of how to reproduce the problem. Screen shots are often helpful to point out what you did.
  • In case the CRM web client is involved, always provide the business role to be used to log on.
  • Explicitly mention the system and client which should be used for testing. If it is only possible in the productive system, make sure authorization is taken care of so that the support engineer is allowed to analyze here.
  • Inform about the release and patch levels of the system, but only mention the ones which are related to the problem (like IS-U or FI-CA or CRM).
  • Ensure that the system connection will be open and valid logon data are available.
  • Perform a note search and let the support engineer know what you searched for and the result of the search:
    • Choose the right component
    • Ensure that the right patch level is used
    • Use meaningful key words
    • Technical search terms are often very helpful like technical names of transactions, programs, function modules or methods or BSP components (in the CRM environment) xantippe

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