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SAP Mobile Documents - Connecting a File Share as Corporate Repository

What this document is about

The following document describes how to connect SAP Mobile Documents to a file share using a service user connection. This means that all users that access the file share through SAP Mobile Documents will use the same authorizations to access the file share.

This is the easiest configuration to integrate a file share. The access to a file share with the individual authorizations will be described in an upcoming blog.

This document is part of the complete step-by-step setup guide for SAP Mobile Documents.


Before you can start adding a file share as corporate content ensure that you have configured:

  • an SAP NetWeaver AS Java destination that points to the SAP Portal Knowledge Management
  • a repository connection in the SAP Mobile Documents Administration UI that points to the Destination of the SAP NetWeaver AS Java

Both points are described in the blog about how to configure SAP Mobile Documents
--> Configuring Destinations


--> Configuring the repositories in Mobile Documents

Make sure that you can access the file share from the SAP NetWeaver Portal server (e.g. with Windows Explorer) and that the service user has at least the permission to navigate through the file share hierarchy.

Creating a new Network Path

Start the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal at http(s)://<host>:<port>/irj

Choose System Administration → System Configuration → Knowledge Management → Content Management → Global Services → Network Paths  → Network path → new

Enter a name, a description, the network path to the file share, the service user and its password

Save the network path with a click on “OK”

Create a new File System Repository

Start the SAP Portal at http(s)://<host>:<port>/irj

Choose System Administration → System Configuration → Knowledge Management → Content Management

In the Content Management section, select Repository Managers

Choose File System Repository

To create a file share repository, choose New

Configure the repository like shown on the next slide and click “OK” to create it

Validate the Repository

To validate whether the configuration was successful, start the SAP Portal at http(s)://<host>:<port>/irj

Choose System Administration → Monitoring→ Knowledge Management → Repository Managers

Check if the status icon color of the “fileshare” repository is green

Add the File Share as Corporate Content

Open http(s)://<host>:<port>/mcm/admin (You need the MCM_Administrator role to access the admin UI)

Navigate to: Repositories -> Corporate Content and click “Create

Choose your SAP Portal KM Repository Connection and pick the configured fileshare in the repository dropdown list

Define a Document Classification and click “Save”

Test File Share Access

Open: http(s)://<host>:<port>/mcm

Log on with a user that has the MCM_Administrator or MCM_User role.

Navigate to “Corporate” and validate if the configured file share is visible.

Navigate into the file share.

Additional Information

You will find more integration scenarios on the setup page for SAP Mobile Documents.

Check out the SCN space for SAP Mobile Documents for updated information around SAP Mobile Documents.

Documentation of the KM File System Repository Manager.

Troubleshooting Guide for Problems with a File System Repository Manager