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List of Knowledge Base Articles (KBA) - Editor´s Pick per Month


What is a KBA?

SAP Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) are support documents that help you find answers to questions arising from your daily work with SAP software. In a KBA you will find an incident-specific solution and How to FAQ documents. No coding corrections and modifications are provided.

What is the difference between KBAs and SAP Notes?

An SAP Note is a technical document that describes a software issue and its solution. SAP Notes include a description of the symptoms, the cause of the error, and the SAP Release and Support Package level in which the error occurs. Depending on the type of error, an SAP Note may also include workarounds, descriptions of how to correct repository objects in the ABAP workbench (known as correction instructions), and/or links to Support Packages that solve the problem. 80% of SAP Notes contain coding corrections.

Since July 2014 we have been publishing important KBAs. We would also appreciate your feedback. This way we can improve and give you exactly what you are looking for.This is how it works:

  1. Out of the KBA list below, click on the number of the KBA or KBAs that you find most interesting and helpful.
    This takes you to the KBA detail page.
  2. There, in the top right-hand corner in the Overall Rating field, cast your vote by choosing stars.

Most recent KBA's:

1879641Various FI-CA transactions: Dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X SAPLFKB0 >0 361 >0 428
1872729CRM Upgrade fails with error on table COMC_ATTRIBUTE
2157669Business Agreements cannot be compared over the Dima tool
2250758IS-U Invoicing EA19 terminates with error >0-809
2235341Error EL086 with object type CL_ISU_MRDRESULTCRTRC/ method EXECUTE_SYNCHRONOUS

KBA's from November:
2167033Various problems in IS-U meter reading processes in connection with master data buffering
2171872Error message EL258 in case of meter reading estimation
2121562FPO4/FPO1: runtime error DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR ORA-15555 / snapshot too old / rol

FI-CA Transaction FPO4: syntax error in include RFKKOP05FRM

KBA's from May:

2104227IS-U invoicing EA19 or EA25 terminates with error EK-497
2115809Fi-CA: IBANONLY: IBAN ohne BIC / IBAN without BIC
2041382Fi-CA: >0 005 No free number range / Dump DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR ORA-00060 deadloc
2059704CRM-IU: "Switch partner" closes session

CRM-IU: Search help for Street is not working

KBA's from March:

2081285How to get best results from an SAP search?
2091962IS-U Reversal EA13 terminates with error EB-229 for a child document of a collective bill
1657731How to find Cookbook "Settlement Control"
2038595FPL9: long runtime for business partners with huge data volume

CRM-IU: No bank account number generated from IBAN in CRM_IC_PAYMENT

KBA's from December:

2052028EA05: Reversal documents of released invoices are listed
2048504BPEM: Opening application log in Fi-CA mass transaction takes long time
2037270IS-U-Bi: During Period End Billing (PEB) wrong operand values are used
1657720How to find Cookbook "Submission of Receivables to External Collection Agencies"
1562763EL28: information message EL401 but meter reading set plausible 

KBA's from November:

2093508FPY1: Incorrect sequence type FRST in a payment run in case TFK042E-XZFAE is set
2048621CA-EMA: How to change the Value of Standard Fields during Clarification Case creation
1500299IS-U: wrong rounding of consumption with in a prorated billing line item (rounding distribution)
2092813IsuMdContractQuery fetching incorrect EINZDAT and AUSZDAT

KBA's from October:

2042788ES64/ES66: field 'Valid From' (ITOB-DATAB) changed to todays date in transaction IQ03
2014202IS-U: Billing terminates with error AH 437
1999288IS-U printing: EA64 child documents of collective bills are not
2032637How to debug a mass activity
1991826IsuMdContractQuery fetching incorrect EINZDAT and AUSZDAT

KBA's from September:

1895682IC Web Client: Not all invoices are displayed in BuAg View
2027247Reverse Charge for invoices for certified reseller - How to build up the scenario in the application form
2042834CRM-IU-MD-PRO: Creating BRF+ Rulesusing Attributes across Product
2047744IC Web Client: Enhanced Bill Correction: dump "Business server page (BSP) Error" concerning relation BuAgPrintDocRel

KBA's from August:

2034292FI-CA transaction FPO2: differences between FI-CA and General Ledger
2035406FI-CA transactions FPO1/FPO1P/FPO4/FPO4P: result is different to the general ledger
1585870ICWC: Technical objects not visible in Web UI
2037246FPY1: Zahlsperren und  SEPA Ausführungsdatum

CRM-IU: Reuse of Procedures within PMU

KBAs from July:

1977298FI-CA: FPY1 problems with SEPA mandates
2033159FI-CA: FPY1 SEPA Item indicator 031
1771145CRM-IU: Integration of UTIL_SALES components into UTIL_IC role
1976190IS-U Invoicing EA19 terminates with error EA19 >0-115

BW-IS-U: How to reload Data with Data Source 0UC_SALES_STATS_02

Look forward to more KBAs coming up soon.