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SAP Notes for Windows and Linux in Public Cloud (IaaS) Environments


Here you find SAP Notes that are related to the use of SAP software on the Windows and Linux guest operating system in an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

InformationWhere to find
SAP Key Note for Public Cloud Environments
  • 1380654:  SAP support in public cloud environments
Windows in Public Cloud Environments
  • 1409604:  Virtualization on Windows: Enhanced Monitoring
  • 1612283:  Hardware Configuration Standards and Guidance
  • 2327159:  SAP NetWeaver License Behavior in Virtual and Cloud Environments
Linux in Public Cloud Environments
  • 1102124:  SAPOSCOL on Linux: Enhanced function

SAP with Amazon Web Services

(see also SAP on Amazon Web Services)

  • 1656099: Supported SAP, DB/OS and AWS EC2 products
  • 1656250: Support prerequisites
  • 1588667: Overview of related SAP Notes and Web-Links
  • 2198693: Key Monitoring Metrics for SAP on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • 1618572: Linux: Support Statement for RHEL on AWS
  • 1588896: Linux: Support Statement for SLES on AWS
  • 1838364: Linux: Performance and CPU affinity
SAP with Microsoft Azure

(see also SAP on Microsoft Azure)

  • 1928533: Supported Products and Azure VM types
  • 2015553: SAP on Microsoft Azure: Support prerequisites
  • 2145537: Supported SAP BusinessObjects BI platforms on Microsoft Azure
  • 2178632: Key Monitoring Metrics for SAP on Microsoft Azure
  • 1999351: Troubleshooting Enhanced Azure Monitoring for SAP
  • 2035875: Windows on Microsoft Azure: Adaption of SAP license
  • 2191498: SAP on Linux with Azure: Enhanced Monitoring
  • 2243692: Linux on Microsoft Azure (IaaS) VM: SAP license issues
  • 2243692: Use of Azure Premium SSD Storage for SAP DBMS Instance
SAP with VMware vCloud Air
  • 1928533: SAP Applications on vCloud Air: Supported Products and VM configurations (status not supported!)