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Take a look at our previous publications:

September 2016 (including info about the launch of SAP HANA Express Edition, the new SAP Web IDE Personal Edition, new step by step tutorials on the SAP Developer Center, upcoming training courses and events, and more)

August 2016 (featuring the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA SPS 12 Patch 1, SAP HCP Integration Services, SAPUI5 'Suicide Squad' app, InnoJam and DemoJam, upcoming events, etc.)

July 2016 (with info on how to migrate UI5 Eclipse apps to WebIDE, qualities of Fiori apps, SAP HANA tutorials, InnoJam, upcoming events, and more)

June 2016 (with tips and tricks on hacking information views in SAP HANA, IoT step by step tutorials, running Drupal on SAP HCP Cloud Foundry services, SAP InnoJam at SAP TechEd 2016, upcoming events, and more)

May 2016 (Apple and SAP partnership, Developer Center re-design, SAP HCP Starter Edition for Cloud Foundry services (beta), how to use Smart Templates with SAP Web IDE, upcoming events, and more)

April 2016 (with info on how to become a Ninja Web IDE developer, integration between SAP HCP and Cloud Foundry, SAP HCP and IoT, developer survey, upcoming events, etc.)

March 2016 (including info on SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA, SAP HANA and Node.js, SAP SQL Anywhere and SAP Streaming Lite for IoT, Remote Data Sync service on SAP HCP, upcoming events and online training courses, and more)

February 2016 (with into on SAP HANA Vora Developer Edition, best practices for working with SAP Fiori templates in SAP Web IDE, how to use transactional email services from your SAP cloud app, the state of hybrid app development, upcoming events and online training, and more)

January 2016 (including info on SAP HANA Multitenant Database Containers, SAP Fiori My Inbox and Outlook, Docker and containers, DataGeniuus, upcoming events, etc.)

December 2015 (featuring the latest developer features in SAP HANA SPS11, career trends for 2016, elastic scaling on SAP HCP, SAPUI5 tutorial blog series, and more)

November 2015 (with info on the new SAP UI Technologies Developer Center, mobile app tutorial series, latest SAP HANA Developer Edition, Bjorn Goerke's keynote experiment at SAP TechEd, InnoJam and DemoJam recap, upcoming events, etc.)

October 2015 (including links to new step by step tutorials for SAP Web IDE and IoT services, an overview of the relation among OpenUI5/SAPUI5/Fiori, developing a C4C extension app, the SAP Architect and Developer Summit, upcoming events and more)

September 2015 (with the latest on SAP HCP with Cloud Foundry and Open Stack, SAP HANA Smart Data Integration, SAPUI5 apps, best practices for delivering oData services, upcoming events and free online courses)

August 2015 (featuring an E2E tutorial on how to build a cloud-based mobile app, custom extensions for SAP Lumira, best practices for SAPUI5 apps, how to prepare for InnoJam, upcoming events, more)

July 2015 (with the latest on SAP InnoJam 2015, a link to a new video tutorial on OpenUI5, info about the Content Services in SAP HCP Dev Trial, top 10 ABAP crimes, upcoming events, etc.)

June 2015 (with info on what's new in SAP HANA SPS10, SAP joining the Node.js Foundation, building an IoT kegerator, SAP HCP and IoT Services, creating an offline mobile app with SAP Web IDE, a CodeTalk on DevOps, upcoming events, more)

May 2015 (featuring the new SAP HANA Developer Center, updates on the the latest info about new services available via SAP HANA Cloud Platform, links to tutorials to help you build a mobile app with SAP Web IDE, how to get started with OpenUI5, how to build SAP Fiori launchpad sites, upcoming events, and more)

April 2015 (with highlights on the new look of the SAP Developer Center plus info on SAP Web IDE, Text Search in SAP HANA, cheatsheets for SAP UI5, blog on mistakes as an ABAP developers, upcoming events, latest CodeTalk video on Apple Watch and SAP HANA, etc.)

March 2015 (with links to tutorials on how to connect a Raspberry Pi to SAP HANA Cloud Platform, latest updates on SAP HANA development tools (SPS09 release), extending SAP Lumira with Google Maps API, SAP CodeJam program updates, SAP and open source, etc.)

February 2015 (featuring the new tutorial series for Advanced Real-Time Social Media Analytics on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, how to build a home automation solution that connects to SAP HANA Cloud Platform, how to use camara and geo-location plug-ins with SAP Web IDE, building ABAP apps using Code Pushdown to the database, upcoming events, and more)

January 2015 (with info about coding with ABAP in Eclipse, SAP HANA native development, enabling data for mobile consumption, deploying SAP Fioli-like apps to the web with SAP HANA Cloud Platform, links to free developer trials, upcoming events, and more)

December (highlighting the new tutorial catalog for developers interested in building apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform as well as how to build native mobile apps, extending Fiori-like apps with SAP Web IDE, data modeling in SAP HANA, upcoming events, and more)

November (with the latest on SAP Web IDE for SAPUI5 apps, SAP HANA Geospatial, troubleshooting cloud apps, SAP Fiori Launchpad, upcoming events)

September (with details on the new programs added to SAP TechEd && d-code - SAP's annual technical educational conference, IoT at Scale - a RedMonk event at #SAPtd, a new openSAP course on SAP HANA starting Oct. 7, SAP HANA Academy, upcoming events)

August (learn about SAP API Management, Raspberry Pi projects with different SAP databases, an overview of new activities for developers at SAP TechEd && d-code in the Fall, upcoming events)

July (including information on OpenUI5 and other open source contributions and projects supported by SAP, as well as an overview of SAP River Rapid Developer Environment (RDE), Granny's addressbook sample app, DemoJam, upcoming events)

June (with a focus on SAP HANA including a description of some of its features as well as links to the free developer trial, SAP HANA Academy, Developer Guide, Startup Focus Program, upcoming events)

May (with a focus on SAP HANA Cloud Platform including a description of its features and links to the free developer trial, tutorials, free online courses, upcoming events)

April (featuring information and links to SAP Cloud Labs experimental services, Apache Olingo, SAP Fiori Guidelines, among other topics)

March (with information on the latest edition of the SAP HANA Developer Edition, OpenUI5, SAP Gateway, among other topics)

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