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Use Cases and Business Scenarios with SAP Document Center


SAP Document Center is SAP’s standard extension for unified file access to SAP applications such as S/4HANA, as well as third-party solutions. Users benefit from easy access to all business documents, including collaboration and sharing capabilities across all devices.


Run effective meetings

In her blog, @Annette Fuchs shows you how you can easily present PDF documents, capture meeting notes from within the app, and share them directly with other participants.

Mobilize existing document repositories

In his blog, Former Memberdemonstrates how existing document repositories can be accessed with a mobile device using SAP Mobile Documents.

SAP Mobile Documents Integrates with SAP Enterprise Portal and Fiori Launchpad

In her blog, @Annette Fuchs shows you how SAP Mobile Documents can be added to the Fiori catalog in the SAP Enterprise Portal. Boost your productivity by easily finding and accessing the files you need for your daily work!


Collaborate with colleagues

With SAP Mobile Documents you can securely share files with colleagues and business partners. In his blog, @Ashwani Kumar Sharma describes step-by-step how to create team shares and set up automatic file synchronization.

Emailing big attachments

SAP Mobile Documents enables you to share files securely with your team and business partners. In his blog, @Ashwani Kumar Sharma shows how easy it is to send big attachments using the Microsoft Outlook Add-In of SAP Mobile Documents.

Receiving large documents

In his blog, @Ashwani Kumar Sharma demonstrates how you can receive big files from business partners using SAP Mobile Documents.


Use SAP Mobile Documents to Make Business Documents Available Offline

With SAP Mobile Documents, documents that are stored in a repository connected to an SAP ERP system can easily be made accessible for online and offline use, e.g. on mobile devices. In his blog, @Torsten Fenske explains how this can be easily achieved using the SAP Mobile Documents ABAP Connector.

How to play eLearning on your mobile device

In his article, Former Memberexplains the integration with SAP Workforce Performance Builder and shows how you can easily distribute learning content to the mobile devices connected to SAP Mobile Documents.

Accessing documents from SAP Mobile Portal

In his blog, Former Memberexplains potential use cases of a SAPUI5 based Mobile Portal and how it can interoperate with the latest version of SAP Mobile Documents.

Tipps & Tricks

How to sync content outside the SAP Mobile Documents folder

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