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Support of SAP Applications, Operating Systems, and Databases in Public Cloud (IaaS) Environments


In an IaaS environment, the General Support Statement for Virtual Environments does not apply and therefore the supported SAP applications in these environments rely on the supported cloud service providers and their IaaS offerings.

Support Prerequisites for SAP Components in a Public Cloud (IaaS) Environment

For the key prerequisites on required support contracts, on the setup of the SAP monitoring, network and storage, check the SAP Notes that are listed in SAP Note 1380654.

To get a matrix of the supported cloud service providers, SAP applications, VM instance types, operating system and database versions, you have to use the information in the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) and of SAP Note 1380654 as follows:

  • SAP releases its applications for certain combinations of databases, operating systems and their versions. For the database and operating system versions supported by your SAP application, check the Product Availability Matrix (
  • SAP supports specified cloud service offerings. For a list of supported cloud service providers and support prerequisites for SAP software in an IaaS environment, check SAP Note 1380654.
  • For every cloud service provider, SAP specifies the VM instance types, the guest operating system and database versions supported for the IaaS partner offering and the SAP applications which can be operated on the supported stack of VM instance type, operating system and database.
  • If you are looking for an overview of IaaS platforms that are certified to run SAP HANA on, check SAP HANA Deployment Options.

Supported Cloud Service Offerings

For more information on the currently supported cloud service providers and their supported offerings, see the following links:

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