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SAP Notes for Windows in Virtual Environments


Here you find SAP Notes that are related to the use of SAP software on the Windows guest operating system in virtual and private cloud environments with VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and IBM INxHY.

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SAP Key Note for Virtual Environments
  • 1492000:  General Support Statement for Virtual Environments
Windows in Virtual Environments
  • 1409608:  Virtualization on Windows
  • 1409604:  Virtualization on Windows: Enhanced Monitoring
  • 1753578:  First Customer Shipment Program in Virtual Environments on Windows
  • 1374671:  High Availability in Virtual Environment on Windows
  • 1612283:  Hardware Configuration Standards and Guidance
  • 1678705:  Installation scenarios for a standalone ASCS instance
  • 1580509:  Windows editions supported by SAP
  • 2327159:  SAP NetWeaver License Behavior in Virtual and Cloud Environments
SAP with VMware vSphere
  • 2293740: Performance degradation due to high network latency with vSphere 6
  • 2237937: Virtual Machines Hanging with VMware ESXi 5.5 Update 3 and vSphere 6.0
  • 2229228 : VMware vSphere 6.0: Possible Data Corruption
  • 2161991:  VMware vSphere configuration guidelines
  • 1482272:  Key Monitoring Metrics for SAP on VMware vSphere (up to version 5.5 u2)
  • 2266266:  Key Monitoring Metrics for SAP on VMware vSphere (version 5.5 u3 and higher)
  • 1173954:  Support of Oracle for VMware
  • 2015392:  VMware recommendations for latency-sensitive SAP applications
  • Other SAP Notes related to VMware virtualization
SAP with Microsoft Hyper-V
  • 1246467:  Hyper-V Configuration Guideline
  • 1570141:  Key Monitoring Metrics for SAP on Hyper-V
  • 1329848:  Oracle Support for Microsoft Hyper-V
SAP with IBM zBX System x Blades
  • 1650076:  DB2 z/OS: SAP on IBM zEnterprise(TM) BladeCenter Extension

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