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Visual Composer for CE Online Workshop


The Visual Composer development team has put together a number of documents that assist you in getting to know the different aspects involved in modeling applications using Visual Composer. Work through the documents using the links provided below to gain an understanding of Visual Composer for SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment.

Creating, Designing and Building the Model Logic and Flow

Creating a New Model (PDF 104 KB)  

Visual Composer works in a model driven environment. This tutorial explains how to create a new Visual Composer model.

Visual Composer's Operators (PDF 528.6 KB)  

An operator is a mechanism used to manipulate data returned from a data service according to specified criteria, prior to display in a model view. This document explains how to use Visual Composer's operators and describes each one of them.

Visual Composer's Connectors (PDF 118 KB)  

Connectors are points in the data flow that represent connections that channel data from/to points outside the component. This guide explains the different types of connectors Visual Composer has and how to use them.

Visual Composer's Control Types (PDF 114 KB)  

The document will discuss Control types and their properties. 

Visual Composer's Layout (PDF 134 KB)  

The document explains Visual Composer's layout and position methods.

Visual Composer Build Process (PDF 177 KB)  

This paper explains how Visual Composer builds and creates its applications, and the dependencies and naming considerations modelers should consider when modeling their applications.

Advanced Modeling

Creating Service Components (PDF 194 KB)  

A step-by-step guide for creating and implementing a service component in Visual Composer.


Modeling with Clustered Data (PDF 207 KB)  

This document attempts to explain how the data model in Visual Composer works, and how to properly connect your visual elements to data.

Working with Source Control in Visual Composer (PDF 132 KB)      

Visual Composer provides integrated support for maintaining models in a source control system. Source control enables version control and multi-user access to models. This document explains the basics of using Visual Composer with source control.


Integration with other technologies

Consuming Web Dynpro Components in Visual Composer  (PDF 702 KB)      
This step by step guide explains how to create consume Web Dynpro components in Visual Composer. The how to is based on the Web Dynpro tutorial available in NWDS and can be launched form the NWDS welcome screen.

Integrating Visual Composer UIs within a CE7.11 BPM Process (PDF 257 KB)  

This How-To guide helps you understand how to overcome the current Visual Composer and Business Process Management integration limitation, by using a dedicated workaround that enables consumption of the Visual Composer UIs as human tasks in BPM.

Creating BI applications in Visual Composer (PDF 306 KB)      

This document explains how to create BI applications using Visual Composer and how to use Visual Composer's BI capabilities.