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sp_iqsysmon: Large Memory Allocator(LMA) Statistics


sp_iqsysmon system stored procedure monitors multiple components of SAP IQ, including the management of Buffer allocations, Buffer manager, Buffer pool, Catalog statistics, CPU utilization , Free list management, Memory management,  Prefetch management, IQ RLV-Memory Store statistics , Large Memory Allocator(LMA) statistics,  Server context statistics, Thread management and Transaction management.

Large Memory Allocator has been added in SAP IQ 16 and is responsible for enforcing large memory allocation.  Large memory is used by load and query engine.

Example:  Starts sp_iqmonitor in the file mode and write statistics for Large Memory Allocator(LMA) to the log file

sp_iqsysmon start_monitor,'filemode' , '-section lma'

sp_iqsysmon stop_monitor

Large Memory Allocator (Statistics)

Large Memory Space 8421m

Large Memory Max Flexible  2105mb

Large Memory Num Flex Allocations  0

Large Memory Flexible %     50%

Large Memory Flexible used 0 mb

Large Memory Inflexible %  90%

Large Memory Inflexible used  0 MB

Large Memory Anti-Starvation %  50%

Large Memory Num Connections 0

Large Memory Space” – Maximum Large Memory configured size (-iqlm value from params.cfg)

“Large Memory Max Flexible” -  Maximum memory granted for flexible  operators. (e.g Load Engine(hash sort merge for hash/has-range partitioned table and hash sort merge cursor)).

“Large Memory Num Flex Allocations” – This is the count of memory chunks allocated as flex memory.

“Large Memory Flexible %” – percentage of large memory used for flexible operators.

“Large Memory Flexible used” –   This is the total amount of memory allocated to flex users.

“Large Memory Inflexible %” –  Percentage of large memory used for inflexible operators(N-bit metadata structures, data buffer of column vector in load ).

“Large Memory Inflexible used” – Large memory used  by inflexible operators

“Large Memory Anti-Starvation %” – This only applies to flexible operators.

“Large Memory Num Connections” – This only applies to flexible operators and is the number of clients using lma.  Internal concept only – has nothing to do with DB connections or users.  There could be unregistered users too so this is not an accurate count of users.