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FIN (Finance)

Accumulated balance in transaction FAGL_CO_02 doesn't match with cumulative balance from FAGLB03


When running transaction FAGL_CO_02, the accumulated balance doesn't match with the cumulative balance displayed in FAGLB03.

Reproducing the Issue:

  1. Enter transaction FAGL_CO_02.
  2. Enter chart of accounts and G/L accounts.
  3. Enter company code and ledger.
  4. Enter  fiscal year and posting period.
  5. Enter account selection: E (P&L accounts).
  6. Execute and check the total accumulated balance for P&L statements accounts.
  7. Enter transaction FAGLB03.
  8. Enter same account numbers, company code, fiscal year and ledger selected previously in FAGL_CO_02.
  9. The total accumulated balance doesn't match with FAGL_CO_02.


The program is working as per the standard design in this case if transaction FAGL_CO_02 is run with account type output "E"  for P&L accounts.
Bear in mind that accounts listed in FAGLB03  include balance sheet accounts as well which are not listed in FAGL_CO_02 report.

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